Gotta Love the WordPress

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This is a follow-up to the recent article, “When the Ranking Gets Tough – The Tough Get Ranking.

You just have to love wordpress! Four days after swapping my circa 2001 flash/HTML site out for a WordPress 2.7 site. I am back on page one of Google with two listings from this site, and my linkedin page is toggling between page 1-2 of the google results. results as of 12/18/2008 results as of 12/18/2008

As soon as the WorPress All in One SEO pack gets working in WordPress version 2.7, I’ll see what I can do about getting some other pages on page 1, and also bumping up to the very top.

However, for now it is good to be back on page 1 with multiple pages. NOTE: There are 8,540,000 – 8,600,000 (it varies) Google pages that are returned when search for “Breht” in quotes. Three hits on the first page is a satisfactory result.

Next step, get my Xing,com profile completed, and see if I can bump that up to page 1 also on a first name only search.

Linkedin Juice from my own Linkedin Page — Maybe

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One of my previous posts recently noted that my linkedin page was out ranking my blog in a Google Search for my own first name, BREHT. Because, the linkedin page is getting more Google search traffic than the new blog, I updated the Breht Burri linkedin page from 5% complete to 90% complete.



I’m and not sure how a 5% completed linkedin profile became ranked above my own blog when searching for my own first name, However, I intend to pull myself up the Google ladder by swapping some links with my own profile.

NOTE: I may change my name to “mesothelioma lawyer” and then complete a 5% linkedin page to see how well I do in the Google rankings. Granted it is a more competitive term, but it might be an interesting experiment.

When the Ranking Gets Tough – The Tough Get Ranking.

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The Problem:

First, it was recently brought to my attention that when performing a search for the word “Breht” Google has inserted the words “Did you mean: brecht” at the top of the search results.



This above result may or may not be new. The Google result implies my name is a typo.

Second, historically I’ve been able to search for my name and find it near the top of Google search results. However, now that linkedin and facebook pages are being ranked really well with minimal user effort, I have dropped to the second and sometimes third page of Google because of these social/business site pages with similarly named people.

A Further Complication:

People often misspell my first name and/or last name. The name can legitimately be spelled in a variety of ways. Some of the common variations of the “genuine” and “official” spelling of “Breht Burri” are below:

Breht Burri, Breht Buri, Breht Burry
Bret Burri, Bret Buri, Bret Burry
Brett Burri, Brett Buri, Brett Burry
Brent Burri, Brent Buri, Brent Burry
Brecht Burri, Brecht Buri, Brecht Burry

The Possible Solution & My New Motto:

When the ranking gets tough, the tough get ranking.
– Breht Burri, SEO Consultant & Internet Marketing Specialist

I’m performing an experiment with this blog post. By including some of the most common variations of my first name, (Bret, Brett, Brent and Brecht) I hope those typo/misspelled/variation queries will also include results from this particular site. In a few weeks I’ll post some more snapshots to see how this is working. Until then, if you are looking for me on the first page of Google type in “Breht Burri” in quotes. FYI: I’m still number 1 on Yahoo as of 12/14/2008. (See Below)



The New Site Is Launched

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Welcome! On December 14, 2008, the site was re-launched as a WordPress 2.7 site.  I wanted to update the much older custom HTML/Flash site that had been online since 2001.  This should to make it easier to add new
projects and entries. Look for some periodic entries involving:

1) Domaining
2) Internet Marketing
3) Web Development
4) Project Management
5) Personal Internet Projects/Sites
6) Other Business Venture websites.
The site will also hold my most recent contact and resume information.