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Podcast Studios Logo - content marketing & content creationIn December 2010, I launched Podcast Studios (PodcastStudios.com)  as a Domain Licensing Corporation website.  The idea is to create compelling audio, video,a webinars and screencasts for my own internet ventures and also provide a type of web and audio studio for TooBaRoo Internet Marketing’s Corporate Clients.  My belief is that relevant compelling content is going to be the lynchpin for strong SEO rankings, effective branding and high conversions.  Consequently, I wanted TooBaRoo Internet Marketing to be in a position to offer those content marketing and content production services.

We currently publish a series a podcasts for our own marketing purposes.  The current list of podcasts are:

1) Internet Marketing Podcast (InternetMarketingPodcast.com)

2) Blog Podcast (BlogPodcast.com)

3) Print Podcast (PrintPodcast.com)

4) Font Podcast (FontPodcast.com)

5) Law Podcast (LawPodcast.com)

Site Development:  We developed the Podcast Studio’s website using WordPress and customized an existing theme with some fonts from the Google font directory using the wordpress google fonts plugin by Adrian 3 and also tweaked the main templates to adjust to for a larger number of

Podcast Hosting:  We chose Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) for hosting the accounts under the PodcastStudios.com.  We created Libsyn Pro account with the help of Rob Walch of Libsyn.  Rob is a friend and also the VP of Podcaster Relations for Wizzard Media (Wizzard owns Libsyn).  I have been attending his podcast meetup group in Kansas City for over a year and Rob was very generous with his time and helpful with his advice.