DNopoly.com – Domain Marketplace

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Domain Licensing Corporation recently launched (November 2008) a Joomla CMS based Domain Name Marketplace site called DNoploy.com.  The DNopoly.com site was created as a place to direct prospective domain buyers to some of the domain names for sale by Domain Licensing Corporation and/or its clients and partners.

DNopoly.com |  Domain Name Marketplace & Brokerage

DNopoly.com | Domain Name Marketplace & Brokerage

Domain Licensing Corporation is trying to sell about 5% of its domain inventory per year to fund further development of its domain name portfolio.   A database database driven site was needed to organize the thousands of pages of inventory and domain listings.

Joomla provided us with a quick out of the box Content Management start for the framework.  However,  the majority of the pages are Joomla wrapped pages driven by a custom MySQL database that categorizes and organizes the Domain Names.  Rather than build a web based admin frontend for the MySQL backend we are using FileMaker Pro to administer the Domain Name content.  FileMaker’s ability to link directly to the MySQL data saves development time on projects that have only a small number of admin users.  A few filemaker seats are easily more economical than building a custom backend management tool.  FileMaker’s out of the box MySQL connectivity allowed us to save significant development time, and give use future development flexibility by avoiding each front end change also causing additonal admin access programming.