ReBarCamp Kansas City – Blogging & QR Code Presentations

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Real Estate Internet MarketingOn 09/30/2011, I spoke at REBARCAMP Kansas City.  The Kansas City ReBar Camp is an unconference focusing on Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Marketing through Internet Marketing & Social Media.

I gave two presentations, one in the morning involving Basic Blogging for Real Estate Professionals and one in the afternoon involving QR Codes & Short URLs for Real Estate Professionals.

SESSION 1: Beginning Blogging – we covered…Why Blog, Personal Branding & Marketing. I outlined a small checklist for getting your blog started and walked through the WordPress Interface and discussed some basic WordPress/Blogging Terminology.

SESSION 2: QR Codes for Real Estate Professionals – we covered.. What are QR Codes? What are Short URLS? Creating QR Codes and integrating those codes with your google analytics using UTM tagging (Google URL Builder).  Note: Some parts of the presentation are also discussed in Episode 3 of the PrintPodcast, “URL Shorteners and QR Codes: Creation, Management and Analytics for Print Marketers –”.

Podcast Studios – Content Creation & Content Marketing

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Podcast Studios Logo - content marketing & content creationIn December 2010, I launched Podcast Studios (  as a Domain Licensing Corporation website.  The idea is to create compelling audio, video,a webinars and screencasts for my own internet ventures and also provide a type of web and audio studio for TooBaRoo Internet Marketing’s Corporate Clients.  My belief is that relevant compelling content is going to be the lynchpin for strong SEO rankings, effective branding and high conversions.  Consequently, I wanted TooBaRoo Internet Marketing to be in a position to offer those content marketing and content production services.

We currently publish a series a podcasts for our own marketing purposes.  The current list of podcasts are:

1) Internet Marketing Podcast (

2) Blog Podcast (

3) Print Podcast (

4) Font Podcast (

5) Law Podcast (

Site Development:  We developed the Podcast Studio’s website using WordPress and customized an existing theme with some fonts from the Google font directory using the wordpress google fonts plugin by Adrian 3 and also tweaked the main templates to adjust to for a larger number of

Podcast Hosting:  We chose Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) for hosting the accounts under the  We created Libsyn Pro account with the help of Rob Walch of Libsyn.  Rob is a friend and also the VP of Podcaster Relations for Wizzard Media (Wizzard owns Libsyn).  I have been attending his podcast meetup group in Kansas City for over a year and Rob was very generous with his time and helpful with his advice.

Internet Marketing Podcast from TooBaRoo and Hosted By Breht Burri

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Internet Marketing Podcast

Internet Marketing Podcast Begins Broadcasting November 2010

About the Podcast Project

I have been planning to launch an Internet Marketing Podcast for several years.  However, being a domainer and the owner of an internet marketing agency, I wanted to make sure the podcast was able to launch under the best domain name possible — a good generic .com domain.   Consequently, a couple of years ago I starting tracking the domain name  In September of 2009 we obtained “Internet Marketing Podcast” in a drop from  (Note: as a backup plan, we hand registered the shorter “” domain in 2008)  As of early October 2010, the new website for the podcast from TooBaRoo can be found at the URL

The Podcasting Resurgence

In addition, we feel the available listener base for podcasts will continue to increase.  First, mobile devise use is dramatically increasing. Second, iTunes is available on both the iPhone and the iPad.  Third, Blackberry recently offered an iTunes like service for podcasts on Blackberry devises putting podcasts subscription capabilities in the hands of tens of millions of new potential listeners.  Fourth, Android phones come with a variety of Podcasting subscription options.  Last, learning through listening to podcasts allows people to multi-task while staying informed.

The Goal/s for the Show

We want the show to become one of the top internet marketing podcasts by providing business owners, entrepreneurs, in-house, ad agency and PR marketing professionals with valuable and actionable information on a regular basis.  In addition, the actual process of producing, hosting and marketing our own show about what we do — internet marketing, will hopefully make us better at what we do and also communicate that expertise and enthusiasm to our audience.

The first shows are set to stream in 11/2010.

Check the main internet marketing podcast site, or the new Internet Marketing LinkedIn Group or iTunes for additional show updates and information.

Suggest A Show Guest or Show Topic

If you have any show suggestions for a show topic or a great guest send me a note.

Breht Burri
Internet Marketing Podcast Host and the President of TooBaRoo LLC

Domain Masters Radio Show 09/30/2009

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I’ll be a guest on the September 30, 2009, Domain Masters Program on Webmaster Radio. 

The show topic is enterprise-level domain management services. I’ll also introduce a new website devoted to Corporate Internet Strategy Consulting. (

The show description is..

Domain Masters Webmaster Radio Podcast

Domain Masters Webmaster Radio Podcast

“Enterprise/Corporate level domain management, acquisition and planning services. The topic deals with understanding the value of domain names for SEO (Search engine optimization), IP (intellectual property) protection, and domain management in mergers and/or acquisitions. In addition, we’ll discuss establishing systematic domain name drop and auction monitoring for corporations. And lastly, moving the entire domain name management and acquisition mindest into the product planning, development and initial marketing efforts for all of a corporations goods or services.”

The show length is usually around 30 minutes and is conducted in a question-and-answer format. in addition, the shows are archived at the Webmaster radio website and you can also subscribe to the Domain Master show through iTunes. This will be my third appearance on Domain Masters since 2006.

The host of the show is Victor Pitts. Victor is the lead domain broker at Victor selects a theme for an entire month’s worth of shows and then lines up guests to discuss the monthly topic. Catch the show live at webmaster radio or check out the webmaster.FM archive to listen at a later date.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this Domain Masters Show please send me an email.

Corporate Internet Strategy Site is Launched

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My Kansas City based website development company, TooBaRoo Internet Marketing launched a new site,, devoted to marketing enterprise level internet strategy consulting services to its new and existing clients.

We detected a need for this type of independent enterprise-level consulting service. It has been my experience that too often marketing stakeholders are receiving their Internet strategy and marketing advice from the same individuals who are charged with developing those systems.  Being an independent, consulting only, solution, we are able to provide our clients with honest, valuable information and recommendations based upon our own knowledge and experiences in the areas of Internet development and Internet marketing. – Content Plan

We plan on periodically posting blog entries devoted to related to Corporate Internet Strategy as they relate to Marketing Resource Management, the creation and maintenance of multiple sites, corporate domain name portfolio Management and developing an efficient Corporate Internet Strategy framework. This future content will be summaries of lessons that we have learned while operating TooBaRoo Internet Marketing my Kansas City Internet Marketing & Development Company. – Continuing Internet Education

Another aspect of the will be to introduce a series of lunch and learn type seminars that are part of an informal Internet Marketing curriculum TooBaRoo is developing.  A key element our Corporate Internet Strategy business plan is to create an ongoing relationship with our clients through continued education. We want to make them better internet marketers by not only adding some standardization in their corporate procedures but by also increasing their internet education level.

Under The Hood: About the New Site – WordPress + Headway + A Few Hours

TooBaRoo created the site using WordPress and the new HeadwayTheme framework. It was an interesting learning process. This was our first use of Headway. The site was up and running within a few hours of installation. Minimal “tweaking” was done to the standard theme, but some additional css styles and leaf elements will be added post launch. Our goal was to get the site up and running prior to a Webmaster Radio appearance related to corporate domain portfolio management scheduled for Wednesday, 09/29/2009 so that we could drop the URL during the show to drive some traffic to the new site.

Breht Burri on Webmaster Radio’s Domain Masters Show

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Breht Burri of TooBaRoo Internet Marketing on Webmaster Radio

Webmaster Radio Logo

Webmaster Radio

Breht Burri will be the guest on the 08/19/2009 Domains Masters Show hosted by Victor Pitts. Breht Burri will be speaking about the Challenges Of Building Out Domains and Monetization Applications.

About the Domain Masters Podcast

Domain Masters Internet Radio Show / Podcast is all about learning how to be the master of your domain….legal rights, domain name monetization, internet marketing, search engine optimization and domain development. The show has a large domainer and domain investor audience and it is part the Webmaster Radio Internet Marketing Content Network. Each show in August 2009 is about Alternatives to PPC Monetization and Domain Development.

August 2009 Shows Themes & Show Topics…

Domain Masters Webmaster Radio Podcast

Domain Masters Webmaster Radio Podcast

08/05/2009 – “Brian G. Johnson of discusses monetization solutions for non PPC quality domains to maximize payouts and how to monetize domains once traffic arrives.” and

08/12/2009 – “Patrick Ruddell aka Chef Patrick of discusses alternative monetization solutions for domain names, plus his fascination of using WordPress as an easy web development tool on new domain names.”

08/19/2009 | Breht Burri of TooBaRoo Internet Marketing and Domain Licensing Corporation discusses Domain Development Tools, Tips and Techniques and Alternative Monetization Solutions.

Breht Burri’s Facebook Vanity URL = InternetConsulting

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The cyber land rush for FaceBook “Vanity URL’s” started on June 11 at 12:00:01 AM. I was in the mix early and got my first choice of “InternetConsulting”. I was going back and forth between “internet marketing” versus “internet consulting” versus “internet development” However, since you are stuck with this name, I thought that broader area of “internet consulting” would be the better name in the long run.  See my new FaceBook Moniker below…

My New Facebook Vanity URL is "Internet Consulting"

My New Facebook Vanity URL is "Internet Consulting"

Being a domainer since 1997-1998, made me realize that getting in early on a land rush can make all the difference.  The FaceBook community is huge, as of 04/09 approximately 200 Million Users. — That was up about 50 million since January 2009. Not Bad.

Consequently, I wanted to represent myself in that community with a more descriptive and easier to spell name than “Breht Burri”.  There are too many spelling variations of both “Breht” and “Burri”. Furthermore, It does not describe what I primarily do for a living, which is Internet Consulting for TooBaRoo LLC, in the areas of Internet Marketing and Internet Development.  So going forward my Facebook page, which needs to be updated and completed, will be  Check back in a few weeks, hopefully I will have added some content to that new FaceBook page.