Breht Burri’s Facebook Vanity URL = InternetConsulting

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The cyber land rush for FaceBook “Vanity URL’s” started on June 11 at 12:00:01 AM. I was in the mix early and got my first choice of “InternetConsulting”. I was going back and forth between “internet marketing” versus “internet consulting” versus “internet development” However, since you are stuck with this name, I thought that broader area of “internet consulting” would be the better name in the long run.  See my new FaceBook Moniker below…

My New Facebook Vanity URL is "Internet Consulting"

My New Facebook Vanity URL is "Internet Consulting"

Being a domainer since 1997-1998, made me realize that getting in early on a land rush can make all the difference.  The FaceBook community is huge, as of 04/09 approximately 200 Million Users. — That was up about 50 million since January 2009. Not Bad.

Consequently, I wanted to represent myself in that community with a more descriptive and easier to spell name than “Breht Burri”.  There are too many spelling variations of both “Breht” and “Burri”. Furthermore, It does not describe what I primarily do for a living, which is Internet Consulting for TooBaRoo LLC, in the areas of Internet Marketing and Internet Development.  So going forward my Facebook page, which needs to be updated and completed, will be  Check back in a few weeks, hopefully I will have added some content to that new FaceBook page.

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