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Internet Marketing Podcast

Internet Marketing Podcast Begins Broadcasting November 2010

About the Podcast Project

I have been planning to launch an Internet Marketing Podcast for several years.  However, being a domainer and the owner of an internet marketing agency, I wanted to make sure the podcast was able to launch under the best domain name possible — a good generic .com domain.   Consequently, a couple of years ago I starting tracking the domain name  In September of 2009 we obtained “Internet Marketing Podcast” in a drop from  (Note: as a backup plan, we hand registered the shorter “” domain in 2008)  As of early October 2010, the new website for the podcast from TooBaRoo can be found at the URL

The Podcasting Resurgence

In addition, we feel the available listener base for podcasts will continue to increase.  First, mobile devise use is dramatically increasing. Second, iTunes is available on both the iPhone and the iPad.  Third, Blackberry recently offered an iTunes like service for podcasts on Blackberry devises putting podcasts subscription capabilities in the hands of tens of millions of new potential listeners.  Fourth, Android phones come with a variety of Podcasting subscription options.  Last, learning through listening to podcasts allows people to multi-task while staying informed.

The Goal/s for the Show

We want the show to become one of the top internet marketing podcasts by providing business owners, entrepreneurs, in-house, ad agency and PR marketing professionals with valuable and actionable information on a regular basis.  In addition, the actual process of producing, hosting and marketing our own show about what we do — internet marketing, will hopefully make us better at what we do and also communicate that expertise and enthusiasm to our audience.

The first shows are set to stream in 11/2010.

Check the main internet marketing podcast site, or the new Internet Marketing LinkedIn Group or iTunes for additional show updates and information.

Suggest A Show Guest or Show Topic

If you have any show suggestions for a show topic or a great guest send me a note.

Breht Burri
Internet Marketing Podcast Host and the President of TooBaRoo LLC

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