Podcasting with the Samson Zoom H4n – Our New Digital Recorder

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Samsung Zoom H4n Digital Podcast Recorder

Samson Zoom H4n Digital Podcast Recorder

I have been looking at upgrading the TooBaRoo Podcast Production and Domain Licensing Corporation Podcast Production equipment. After doing extensive online research and having a couple of conversations with a few podcasters. We’ve decided on using the Samson Zoom H4n for our podcasts.

I attended a couple of tradeshows and was interviewed by a few podcasters using the predecessor of the Zoom H4n, the H4. After listening to the shows and knowing the recording conditions, I was greatly impressed. Consequently, I was predisposed to the H4. Now that the H4n is available we thought we would upgrade/supplement our current Samson USB mics to these digital recorders.

Why The New Podcasting Equipment?

I am beginning pre-production on a few upcoming podcasts involving Internet Marketing and Analytics. The Internet Marketing Experts at TooBaRoo Internet Marketing in Kansas City will act as the podcast producers and also provide the weekly/monthly hosts. They will interview other internet marketing professionals and service and application providers. Each show will cover topics involving internet strategy and internet marketing. Domain Licensing Corporation, a domain monetization company, owns the domain InternetMarketingCast.com the initial podcast will launch under this URL.

If you have any other Podcasting equipment recommendations or experiences with the Samson Zoom H4n please send us your comments.

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